Losses among the civilian population in Ukraine as of 8:00 on March 27

As of 8:00 am on March 27, 2022, 21 civilians had been killed in the Russian invasion in the past 24 hours (excluding all victims in Mariupol, Volnovakha, Kherson, Sumy, Kharkiv and Chernihiv regions). 46 were injured, including 3 children.  8 civilians were captured, and in total more than 50 civilians were abducted or taken prisoner, mostly local government officials occupied by Russian troops and Ukrainian activists.

Journalists. According to the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, 56 journalists have been injured since the beginning of the Russian invasion.  12 journalists were killed, including 3 foreigners (USA, Ireland, Russia).


As of March 27, as a result of Russia’s full-scale war against the population of Ukraine, 136 children were killed and 199 wounded, according to the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

Civilians were detained and taken prisoner, mostly heads of local authorities of settlements occupied by Russian troops:

 1. In Balakliia (Kharkiv region) the mayor of the city Ivan Stolbovyi and his family were abducted.

 2. Deputy Mayor Serhii Poltorak was abducted in Balakliia (Kharkiv region).

 3. Oleh Bludov, the head of one of the local police departments, was abducted in Balakliia (Kharkiv region).

 4. In Melitopol (Zaporizhzhia region), Russian troops abducted the bishop of the Church of the Word of God, Dmytro Bodiu – a US citizen.

 5. Public activist Oleh Kozlov was abducted in Kherson.

More than 15,000 Ukrainian citizens were illegally deported from Ukraine.  Their fate is currently unknown.

SAVE Mariupol

The Russian military continues to deport civilians from Mariupol to the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk region or to Russia. In most cases, people are in a state of shock and do not understand where they are being taken. Some of them are left in occupied Donetsk, if there are some relatives or acquaintances. If there are no relatives, the residents of besieged Mariupol are transported to different cities in Russia. According to the Mariupol city authorities, the Russian military deported about 15,000 people.  Their fate there is almost unknown. In addition, the Russian military has begun deporting Mariupol children without their parents. This is a violation of humanitarian law – children are separated from their parents. According to unofficial information, the children in occupied Donetsk are in hospitals. They do not have enough food (infant formulas), basic necessities (diapers), etc. Information about their parents is also unknown.

On March 26, the Russian military removed from Mariupol in an unknown direction the medical staff of the city hospital №1, as well as all patients and those hiding in the basement of the hospital. According to preliminary information, there were about 700 people on the territory of the hospital.

DEPORTATION of Ukrainian citizens in an unknown direction.

The problem of illegal deportation of the local population by the Russian military in an unknown direction is widespread in other cities that are surrounded and blocked by Russian troops (Sumy, Chernihiv, some cities of Kharkiv and Luhansk regions). Russia does not provide the Ukrainian authorities with humanitarian corridors to evacuate the local population. Instead, the Russian military is taking thousands of people to the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, as well as to Russia.  There is practically no contact with the deportees.  Their fate is unknown.

The fate of children from Mariupol is also unknown – the heroes of the well-known documentary “The Distant Barking of Dogs”, which in 2019 received 35 international awards.  The children lived in Mariupol, more than a week ago the connection with them was cut off (Hlib – 8 years old, Yaroslav – 12 years old, Oleh – 15 years old).  The film’s directors ask to report information about the children on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/azad.safarov

Losses of civilians in different regions and cities of Ukraine:

Kyiv region: 3 people died, 8 were injured, including 1 child.

Trebukhiv, Tarasivka, Shevchenkovo, Bucha (Kyiv region) – 3 civilians were killed and 6 wounded as a result of the shelling.

Boiarka (Kyiv region) – 4 civilians were wounded in the shelling, including 1 child.

Slavutych (Kyiv region) – the Russian military used stun grenades against residents who went to a peaceful protest rally against the Russian occupation.  According to incomplete information, 3 people were injured.

The Russian military fired on the local Shepetivka-Kyiv train, injuring one person.

Lviv – 5 civilians were injured in a rocket attack. The Russian military fired 6 cruise missiles on the city.

Donetsk region: 2 people died, 8 were injured.

Mariupol – 2 people injured (incomplete information)

Marinka – 1 person was killed and 2 were injured.

Krasnohorivka – 4 civilians were wounded in the shelling.

Zaporizhzhia region: 2 people were injured.

In the Zaporizhzhia region, 2 rescue workers were wounded, who detonated the Russian explosive shells.

Luhansk region: 6 people died, 8 were wounded, including 1 child.

Rubizhne, Popasna, Sievierodonetsk (Luhansk region) – as a result of shelling, high-rise and private houses were damaged, 6 civilians were killed and 7 were injured, including 1 child.

Lysychansk – the Russian military struck with the Tochka-U missile, residential quarters were damaged, and according to preliminary information, one person was injured (information is being clarified). The power supply to the local mine was damaged, as a result of which miners were blocked underground.

Mykolaiv region: 3 people died, 14 were injured, including 1 child.

Yavkyno (Mykolaiv region) – as a result of shelling by volley fire systems “Smerch” killed 3 people and injured 13. People were in the center of the city at the time of the shelling, receiving humanitarian aid. 22 shells fell on the playground.

Snyhirovka – 1 child was injured.

Sumy region: 1 person was killed, 1 was injured.

Slavhorod (Sumy region) – 1 person was killed and 1 was injured in artillery shelling of residential areas of the city.

Kharkiv region: 6 people died.

Kharkiv – 5 civilians were killed in artillery shelling.

Barvinkove – 1 person died.