About us

We are an independent Ukrainian analytical think-tank. We’re resisting Russian aggression against Ukraine through analytical support, disseminating unbiased information and coordinating international assistance to Ukraine.

The Centre for International Security was founded in March 2009, and our objectives are:

  • to implement research and educational or information projects on international security;
  • to analyze the current state of social, political, economic and military problems in Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic area;
  • to raise the awareness of the population, particularly youth and educators, on Ukraine’s foreign policy and the current state of local and global threats and prospects for developing the Euro-Atlantic security system.

The Centre is actively involved in preparing recommendations for public institutions and research work. Since 2017 we have been doing a project called “Security passport of Ukraine: national and regional dimensions”. In 2019 we started the project “The Ukrainian Frontier” – research identifying threats and challenges in multicultural, multinational regions of Ukraine where there is a risk of intensifying conflict through internal and external factors.