Losses among the civilian population in Ukraine as of 8:00 on April 23

As of 8:00 a.m. on April 23, 2022, during the last 24 hours, 13 civilians had been killed due to the Russian invasion, among them 3 children (excluding all victims in Mariupol, Volnovakha, Kyiv, Luhansk, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia regions). 40 people were wounded, 1 child was among them.  3 civilians were captured, and totally more than 300 civilians were kidnapped by the Russian troops, they are mostly journalists, local government officials of the occupied settlements, the Ukrainian activists, teachers as well.


As of April 22, due to the Russian full-scale invasion against the population of Ukraine, 208 children were killed and 386 were wounded, according to the data of the Office of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine.   

Three civilians were captured by the Russian troops in the occupied settlements:

As of April 22, just in the Zaporizhzhia region 182 local residents were kidnapped or captured by the Russian troops. Currently it is known, that 100 people were freed from captivity, but 82 civilians are remaining prisoners. However, more and more peaceful residents are disappearing every day.

  1. In the Zaporizhzhia region the Russian military kidnapped 16 years old boy – Vladyslav Buriak at the checkpoint. He is a son of a Head of the district state administration of the Zaporizhzhia region. The boy was moving in the evacuation column from occupied Melitopol to Zaporizhzhia. The Russian occupiers are still holding the teenager as a prisoner.
  2. In Beryslav (Kherson region) – the Russian military kidnapped a businessman Olexandr Kazaku and his wife – Yuliia.

Massacre in the Kyiv region

According to the official information of the National Police in the Kyiv region, as of April 22, 1084 killed civilians were identified, their corpses were sent for a medical examination. 300 bodies of the killed people have been not determined still.   

Losses of civilians in different regions and settlements of Ukraine:

Kyiv region: 6 civilians were killed, including 3 children; 1 person was injured. (incomplete information) Currently, according to the National Police of the Kyiv region, almost 2,500 criminal cases have been opened.

Irpin (Kyiv region) – according to the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Lyudmila Denisova, it has become known that during the occupation of the town, in front of an eldest daughter the Russian military raped and brutally bit her mother and younger sister (15 years old). Mother and youngest daughter died were unable to withstand a violence. The 17-year-old eldest daughter were staying for 4 days in one room with the corpses of her own relatives.

Mykhailivska Rubezhivka (Kyiv region) – it has become known about the shooting of one more a civilian car in which the family was trying to flee the settlement occupied by the Russian troops. However, the Russian occupiers shot the car, killing 2 children – 2 and 15 years old, the father was injured.

Ivankiv (Kyiv region) – it has become known that in early March during the occupation, the Russian military killed a local priest who was driving to the church in his own car. The Russian military stopped the car, pulled out the priest and shot him on the spot. For three days the occupiers did not allow the locals to take the body of the killed priest from the road.

Bucha (Kyiv region) – On April 18, a dead volunteer was found. He was killed by the Russian occupiers in early March. He delivered food to the occupied town.

Dnipropetrovsk region: 5 civilians were injured.

Novomoskovsk (Dnipropetrovsk region) – the Russian troops bombarded a railway station, 5 civilians were wounded.

Donetsk region: 3 people were killed and 8 civilians were injured.

Dobropillya (Donetsk region) – 2 people were injured in the Russian shelling.

Novosilka Druha (Donetsk region) – 1 person died.

Zelene Pole (Donetsk region) – 1 civilian was killed.

Maryinka (Donetsk region) – 1 person was killed and 2 were injured.

Mariupol (Donetsk region) – 1 person was injured.

Lyman (Donetsk region) – 1 person was injured.

Siversk (Donetsk region) – 1 civilian was injured.

Bohoyavlenka (Donetsk region) – 1 person was injured.

Zaporizhzhia region: 1 child was injured. (information is incomplete, because a part of the territory is occupied by the Russian troops).

Novomykolayivka (Zaporizhzhya region) – a child (6 years old) was injured.

Luhansk region: no information due to active hostilities

Mykolaiv region: 6 civilians were injured during the last 24 hours.

Kharkiv region: 4 people were killed and 19 were injured.

Kharkiv – 7 civilians were wounded in the Russian shelling.

Korotych (Kharkiv region) – the Russian military fired on the settlement, 1 civilian was killed and 6 were wounded.

Barvinkove (Kharkiv region) – 1 woman died in the Russian shelling.

Zolochiv (Kharkiv region) – the Russian military fired artillery on residential neighborhoods, injuring one person.

Husarivka (Kharkiv region) – after a settlement liberation from the Russian occupation, the bodies of two dead men and a woman were found in the basement of a residential house. The Russian military tortured these people and then tried to burn their bodies.

Kharkiv region – the Russian military fired on several settlements, 5 civilians were wounded.

Kherson region: no information, because a big part of the region is occupied by the Russian troops.