Losses among the civilian population in Ukraine as of 8:00 on May 5

As of 8:00 a.m. on May 5, 2022, during on May 2,3,4, 200 civilians had been killed due to the Russian invasion, among them 1 child (excluding all victims in Mariupol, Volnovakha, Kyiv, Luhansk, Kherson, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia regions). Including 152 dead people whom were found in new mass graves in the Kyiv region. 89 people were wounded, including 2 children.  2 civilians were abducted; Totally approximately 400 civilians were detained by the Russian troops, they are mostly journalists, local government officials of the occupied settlements, the Ukrainian activists, teachers, as well as children and relatives of local authorities’ representatives.


As of May 4, due to the Russian full-scale invasion against the population of Ukraine, 220 children were killed and 407 were wounded, according to the data of the Office of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine.

Two civilians were captured by the Russian troops in the occupied settlements:

  1. In Chornobaivka (Kherson region) the Russian occupiers abducted a head of the settlement – Ihor Dudar.
  2. In Melitopol (Zaporizhzhia region) on April 29 the Russian military abducted a pensioner – Liubov Kolesnyk. Currently her fate is unknown.

Losses of civilians in different regions and settlements of Ukraine:

Kyiv region: As of May 2, 1,202 killed civilian residents of Kyiv region have been identified, 280 of whom need to be identified. Also 152 killed people were found in new mass graves. 3 civilians were injured.

Kyiv region – according to the National Police of Kyiv region on May 2, 2022, 8 more mass graves were found in the region, in which 148 dead locals were buried. All the victims have injuries.

Brovary district – 3 civilians exploded on mines leaving after the Russian occupation of the settlements – 3 people were injured.

Bucha district – on April 29, one more grave was found in which 2 civilians were buried. They both were tortured by the Russian military, their hands are tied behind their backs and both man had signs of gunshots.

Borodianka (Kyiv region) – the body of a man who died of multiple injuries was found, as well as other victim who died of shrapnel wounds in early March.

Donetsk region: 37 people were killed. 46 civilians were injured.

Dibrova (Donetsk region) – 1 person was killed on May 2 as a result of Russian shelling.

Novomykolaivka (Donetsk region) – 3 civilians were injured on May 2. On May 3, 3 civilians were killed.

Volodymyrivka (Donetsk region) – 2 local residents were injured on May 2.

Velyka Novosilka (Donetsk region) – on May 2, 2 people were injured. On May 3, one civilian was killed and one wounded.

Mykolaivka (Donetsk region) – 1 civilian was wounded on April 29.

Ocheretyne (Donetsk region) – On May 2, one civilian was wounded in a shelling of a residential neighborhood by the Russian military.

Mariupol (Donetsk region) – 1 civilian was killed on May 2. The information about 7 dead people and 2 wounded have been defined.

Avdiivka (Donetsk region) – as a result of the Russian shelling on May 3, 3 civilians were killed and 2 were injured. Also on May 3, the Russian military shelled a bus stop near the Avdiivka Plant. At that time, many plant’s workers were at the bus stop, their shift was over and they were waiting for the bus to go home. 7 workers were killed and 20 were injured. On May 4, one person was injured.

Vuhledar (Donetsk region) – On May 3, 4 people were killed as a result of the Russian shelling, all of them waiting in line to take water, as the central water supply system was destroyed.

Lyman (Donetsk region) – On May 3, 5 civilians were killed and 1 wounded in the Russian shelling. On May 4, one civilian was injured.

New York (Donetsk region) – One civilian was killed on May 3.

Shandryholove (Donetsk region) – 1 person was killed on May 3. On May 4, Russian shelling killed two people and injured one civilian.

Yampil (Donetsk region) – 1 civilian died.

Sviatohirsk (Donetsk region) – 7 civilians were injured on May 4.

Bakhmut (Donetsk region) – information about one more wounded person was clarified on May 4.

Dnipropetrovsk region: 1 person was injured.

Kamyanske (Dnipropetrovsk region) – 1 person was injured in a Russian rocket attack.

Zaporizhzhia region: 2 people were killed.

Zaliznychne (Zaporizhzhya region) – On May 3, two civilians were killed in a shelling of an orphanage and residential buildings.

Luhansk region: 4 civilians were killed and 6 were injured. There is no complete information due to active hostilities.

Luhansk Region – On May 2, 4 wounded residents of Luhansk Region were registered in Bakhmut (Donetsk Region).

Lysychansk (Luhansk region) – 1 woman was killed and 2 were injured on May 3.

Popasna (Luhansk region) – 1 civilian was killed on May 3.

Rubizhne (Luhansk region) – 2 Ukrainian priests were killed on May 3.

Lviv region: 2 civilians were injured.

Lviv – On May 3, the Russian army shelled Lviv (the missiles were launched from the Caspian Sea). Two civilians were injured.

Mykolaiv region: The Russian military continues to fire on settlements of the Mykolaiv region, as a result of attacks on May 2, 5 civilians are wounded. On May 3, 11 people were injured.

Odesa region: a boy (14 years old) was killed, his sister (17 years old) was injured.

Odesa – On May 2, the Russian army again launched a rocket attack on residential houses and church. A 14-year-old boy was killed and his sister (17 years old) was heavy injured in the shelling.

Kharkiv region: 2 people were killed. Injured – 6, including 1 child.

Kharkiv – On May 2, 2 civilians were injured. As a result of the Russian shelling of the industrial enterprise on May 3, 1 person was killed. Also, 2 people were injured in the shelling of residential neighborhoods of the city.

Chuhuiv district (Kharkiv region) – On May 3, one person was injured in the Russian shelling.

Balakliia district – On May 4, one civilian was killed.

Loziv district – on May 4, 1 child (11 years old) was injured.

Kherson region: 2 people were killed and 8 were injured. Information is incomplete, as a large part of the region is occupied by the Russian forces.

Kochubeivka (Kherson region) – On May 3, one person was killed and 4 were injured in a shelling.

Novovorontsovka (Kherson region) – 1 civilian was wounded on May 3.

Zahradivka (Kherson region) – On May 3, 1 person was killed and 3 were injured in the Russian shelling.